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Interesting. If this two dimensional aspect of time is correct, it would represent a fundamental shift of awareness in physics. Think about it - if time is not a constant, what then becomes possible?

What I particularly find fascinating is the repeating occurence in science of where one person thinking outside the conventional wisdom box promotes a hypothesis which eventually lays the foundation for the next generation's conventional wisdom (e.g. tectonic plate theory, evolution, gravity, the curvature of the Earth, etc.). To me, that's what makes diversity in all aspects of life so vitally important. Everyone's opinion matters, even if they are an absolute idiot.
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The real tragedy is that the ruler is not accurate. It appears that the distance from 0 to 1 is larger than any other 1 inch measurement. The greatest difference is between 0 to 1 and 7 to 8! What's up with that?!? What does he have to measure with a shrinking ruler?!?
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The "key" to this riddle is that it is Anglo-Saxon. Only an Anglo-Saxon key would fit it's hole fully and swing by it's wearer's thigh. Now if it were Scot, or maybe French, the riddle could have a dual meaning...
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I feel so ignorant. I have only heard of the Harry Potter book and I haven't even read that. Which means I also haven't read the Pierre Bayard book, "How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read". So I have nothing to talk about.
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Not only is "Cannonball" to be thanked for his contribution to our society's infinite diversity through his performances, but he served as the inspiration for a Simpson's episode in which Homer performed "Cannonball's" trademark feat. Woo yoo !
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They should have made the Death Star cake chocolate. Then it could be a Death By Chocolate Star cake. Or maybe put an M-80 in it to re-enact the climax of the Battle of Yavin.
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I think the Mythbuster's should test Reechard's comment and set some pigs on fire around the elephants, for purely scientific reasons of course. It's not as if I would find any entertainment value in such a spectacle.

In any event, these guys are my heroes.
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I'm still trying to get my head around the mindset that exists in the middle-east. Remember when the President of Iran stated there were no homosexuals in Iran? Or when death sentences were imposed against Salmon Rushdie and the Dutch cartoonist who drew Mohammed? Perhaps Ms. Gibbons should feel fortunate that she hasn't had a publicly announced bounty placed on her head. Maybe she would have if the bear looked more like Fozzie Bear than a Boyd's Bear. Afterall, people with this same mindset declared that images of Miss Piggy offended Islam as the pig is an unclean animal. But then we all knew that from Kermit years ago. After all, why do you think he wouldn't hit that pork butt?
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