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masochists looking up, sadists looking down. its how they feel better about themselves. its the same psychology of the abused who then abuse things weaker then themselves.
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these same people will also insist that being homosexual is not a choice, but somehow what boys like and what girls like is a choice or is forced upon them by society.

when it comes to nature over nurture, nature wins.
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speaks volumes about where this country is headed. absolutely zero evidence and fairy tales peddled by iron age goat herders that didnt know shit is the favored choice over mountains of evidence and the true reality of the world as proven repeatedly via numerous branches of modern science with empirical and testable results.
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the usual conservative plaint - im for it or dont care until its my own ox getting gored. only then do they get the bigger picture and start complaining and demanding things must be done.
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they drop by the 100s and sometimes the 1000s every summer as ranchers leave them to suffer and die in the summer heat, packed into feedlots and being force fed indigestible corn and animal protein while wallowing in a swamp made of their own piss and shit. but no one cares.
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nice try on the respect for a potential lost life thing when a woman is menstruating. these scientifically illiterate yokels from the bronze age had no idea what menstruation was or how it related to pregnancy.

and as was mentioned above, insects have 6 legs and 6 feet, not 4. and what about arthropods and arachnids?

these mostly arbitrary rules were solely set up to separate the jewish tribe from the other tribes in the area which they were also taught to hate with racist and genocidal zeal by the writers of the bible who ultimately gave the credit to yahweh or elohim, depending on where the original verses were written.
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oh yeah, india, where a "doctors" there were saying that the guy that lived on nothing but air for 70 years was not a fraud.

everyone knows the sun bathes the earth in a wide spectrum of EMFs every minute of every day, right? and how many hives where colony collapse disorder happened had cell phones strapped to them?
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