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Maybe the artist is trying to portray the innocence of humanity before the zombie apocalypse, but now they must all do adult things to survive in their new world. That's just my interpretation though...
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So I’m commenting fake on this specific post because I need attention? That’s an interesting way to take my comment so personal. If the people who curate the blog posts for Neatorama don’t want to hear what the readers have to say then maybe comments should be disabled so we keep our thoughts to ourselves. Unless the only comments you want are the ones that bring you flattering attention.
You think I should have thought ‘that’s a fake’ and moved on. Well, I think you should’ve read my comment and thought ‘that’s a troll’ and moved on. Yes, I think the photos are fake because the lighting is off; but trust me I’m not sharing my thoughts on it to win legions of fans and be showered with attention. But now you’ve given me all this attention and here we are. You gave me exactly what you claim I wanted.
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And one of my pet peeves is people who take the context of complete stranger's comments on the internet and stretch them to tie in conspiracy theories about 9/11 or the moon landing. I think the photos are suspect, and I said so. What I wanted to accomplish was stating my opinion on that. What are you trying to accomplish by making broad generalizations about who I am from the four sentences that I wrote?
Everyone should take what they see on the internet with a healthy dose of skepticism. You can find loads of things to get inspiration from online, but that doesn't necessarily mean it had to have happened in real life to find its way onto a website.
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Why? Is there something wrong with the idea two dolls that are different colors going for a ride in the barbie corvette and moving in together in the barbie mansion if the conversation is lively and they like each other?
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Actually, it's filmed in September. My puppy is an adopted dog who's in the puppy bowl this year. Her name is Burgher, but her stage name for the bowl is Pepper.

Team Pepper!!!!
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it's great to see a street artist that injects humor into their work. some artist only go for the political angle, and it can be lost in translation. there's no missing the point with Huggie's artwork.
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I can't believe that Neatorama would ever post something that defended the actions of the KKK. The KKK was a group that was based on hate. Even if they made laws that could be considered 'forward thinking' their entire mission was backwards.

This article is offensive. Until now, I've expected nothing but forward thinking and innovative inspiration from this blog.

You've taken yourselves to shallow the levels of Gawker.
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