Girl Shares Pics Of Street Food From Around The World On Her Instagram Account

Rose Gelato, Paris

If you're gonna go around taking pictures of everything you eat so you can post the pics to social media sites you should take a note from Melissa Hie and use those pics as an excuse to travel around the world.

Hello Kitty Donut, Tokyo

Melissa posts pics of the delicious street food she discovers during her travels on her Girl Eat World Instragram account, where you can see everything from the amazing looking Hello Kitty donut from Japan to this plain but delicious puff she purchased in Myanmar.

Puff, Myanmar

As you can tell the food isn't the only reason people are oohing and aahing over Melissa's pics, and her drop dead delicious images should serve as an example of how to do social media food pics the right way.

Frozen Yogurt, Malta

See "Girl Eat World" Instagram Features The Tastiest Street Food From Around The World here

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I'd actually be more impressed if she faked these. She'd have to go and get unique photos from travel destinations around the world that people wouldn't automatically be able to recognize, make beautiful, perfect-looking, incredible foods from around the world and photograph them so they look like they actually are in front of the places she visited. Then she'd have to PhotoShop them and add them to Instagram. And if you look at the fan photos and the ones she takes of her friends, she'd even be getting friends in on the hoax and hoping none of them blew her cover.

Sounds like a lot less work to just go to the places and snap a picture on your phone.
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So I’m commenting fake on this specific post because I need attention? That’s an interesting way to take my comment so personal. If the people who curate the blog posts for Neatorama don’t want to hear what the readers have to say then maybe comments should be disabled so we keep our thoughts to ourselves. Unless the only comments you want are the ones that bring you flattering attention.
You think I should have thought ‘that’s a fake’ and moved on. Well, I think you should’ve read my comment and thought ‘that’s a troll’ and moved on. Yes, I think the photos are fake because the lighting is off; but trust me I’m not sharing my thoughts on it to win legions of fans and be showered with attention. But now you’ve given me all this attention and here we are. You gave me exactly what you claim I wanted.
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And I forgot to mention that she also accepts fan submissions, like the last image of an ice cream cone from Malta, taken by @heyhanny who actually lives in Malta. Here's the link:

But the 20+ people who submitted their photos, the people whose Instagram account names are included with each pic and easily verified with a simple search, they're probably all submitting fake photos too, right?
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Look, no matter how you meant it claiming something is a fake in this way is just a cry for attention. If you think photos are suspect good for you, but most people just think to themselves "that's a fake" and move on, knowing that leaving a comment is just a way to get people to pay attention to them online and not really going to accomplish anything. I certainly don't care whether you think they're fake or not, nor does Melissa from Girl Eat World or anybody else for that matter, so why leave a comment?

You have issues with the way hand and background look together? The flash from the smartphone hits the hand to lighten it up and make it match the background better, and she has probably applied one of the many Instagram filters to her photos to perfect the look.

Different hand in one photo? That's because she travels with friends, so it may be one of their hands, and Melissa is far more tan at certain points in her travels, which you would know if you actually looked at her site before crying "fake".

But the question remains- why would someone fake something like this? What is she hoping to accomplish by faking it? Her website gets plenty of views without these Instagram photos, so why bother faking it when you've actually traveled to all of these places?

And what is your supposed debunking actually going to accomplish besides making you feel better about yourself? All I'm saying is crying fake without any concrete proof is exactly the same thing the attention seeking Moon Landing deniers are doing, only at this point they've offered up more proof than you have.
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And one of my pet peeves is people who take the context of complete stranger's comments on the internet and stretch them to tie in conspiracy theories about 9/11 or the moon landing. I think the photos are suspect, and I said so. What I wanted to accomplish was stating my opinion on that. What are you trying to accomplish by making broad generalizations about who I am from the four sentences that I wrote?
Everyone should take what they see on the internet with a healthy dose of skepticism. You can find loads of things to get inspiration from online, but that doesn't necessarily mean it had to have happened in real life to find its way onto a website.
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