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what is so bizzare about this?

all of the comments are ones of amazed disgustment or just total blown-away.ness.

its a nice piece of art...
i just dont understand why people are SO confused by it.
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vlad the impaler literally impaled people as a death sentence.

there was this horrible pyramid of a spike that he would impale people by.

forcing the spike to enter their body through a private orifice until it reached their brain, at which point they would no longer feel the pain sustained and die immediately.
but that time from entry until death... mustve been so unimaginably painful.
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@ alex.

i agree. chocolate rain is already over-rated.
there are much better videos on the net.

i cant believe a 5 second video is THE BEST video so far... sad. who's voting for these?
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i swear i thought espn aired the show under the name of 'viking'.
hmm. but it was slightly different.

and i do remember seeing makoto.

i guess miss cellania had the same realization.

i guess it was a different show.
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mauso read my mind.

this has nothing to do with kids getting confused between the candy and drugs and accidentally consuming the worser.

its like those cylindrical sticks of gum that had more than a generous amount of powder(<?) in them, back when i was in 4th grade. and if you put one end in ur mouth like a straw and blew, the powder would blow out like smoke. hence, imitating a cigarette.

and im sure all of you remember the bags of big-league-chew gum. imitating chewing tobacco.

this is the same type of principle, 'glorifying' something otherwise looked down upon.

kids are quite impressionable. and if they are told something is cool by tv and advertisements, then it is cool.
kids dont often know the difference or real reasons that drugs and/or tobacco and/or alcohol are actually bad. and it is the cool thing to imitate what older, 'cool' individuals do...

c'mon people... this is all about some sort of morality in advertising. its novelty to us who understand. but its really a bad idea to be telling kids this is cool...

btw, the oregano comment was from right field.. wtf.
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great art. great idea.

"all is well until the man cam and hosed everything down"

it still is well, look at what was done, all that filthy grime was finally cleaned up. its a terrible shame that his art work was not appreciated longer, but at the same time, good still came of his work.
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"cute animals like this are being tortured every day. please help this amputee cat by calling 1-800-stopcat now and making a donation immediately.
remember, you CAN make a difference. so why dont you pick up the phone now and do the right thing.."
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i hate bike cops.
yes, they're bikes are shitty, nothing is spectacular about a cop bike except the fact that a civilian is prohibited by law to own and ride one that is branded with the police name on it.
stupid way to lock up your bike, if i could, i would take a wheel from them, just to show them how stupid it is.
okay, maybe some of them are good cops. but arent they all overweight?
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