Makoto Nagano.

Makoto Nagano is a 33 year old commercial fisherman. He is a very strong, agile, and attractive man. And he is a champion of the Japanese TV show Viking: the Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge. Ninja Warrior. {Wiki} In fact, he is the only contestant to successfully complete all the various obstacle courses since 1999! To watch his amazing performance, push play or go to YouTube.

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the captain and osami, i hope i speailed it right. surly you two are a blessing to watch. i thank JESUS for you`alls additude. nagano`s hands are super strong, and nagano has the heart of a campion of great leaders. that fireman sidekick. can be on the team i`m on anytime. the way they helped levi. this whole ninja thing is incouraging. easy to view yet so hard to do. thank you for being so absolutly humble and strong. again coogradulations to all your team, peace strength and health, that means i hope you don`t get hurt. you dont have to. mtb rider
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Nagano is so Hot! I just got into Ninja Warrior this year and I can't stop watching him. I'm glad he's a new father and congrats on his marriage. I just wish I could meet him just to tell him how awesome he is. He's so humble, not a show boat at all, I don't think he knows just awesome he is. He is always cheering people on too. He's my fav guy of all time
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I have to agree with Lindsay. Nagano is strong and determined. He has helped me through alot. i wish to Thank you nagano and would one day like to meet you. But please do your best. Thanks again. I try to live every day like its Ninja warrior course "Try my hardest and never give up." nagano if you ever read this you are my HERO!

With lovve always,

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Hey all you Ninja warrior fans,

My name is Ro-Zu. I live in the states. I love to watch Ninja wrrior and all who are on it. I have one ultimate goal in life and that is to be on Ninja Warrior. To be able to climb Mt. Madoriyama and just see Sasuke. I ablseoloutly love Makoto Nagano. He is my Hero. I look up to him. I would one day like to meet him. I am half Japanese and half American. I would love to see japan but my parents or I dont have the money. I also like Bunpei Shiratori. He is another of my idols. He does Tripple jump in track Tournaments. I love track. I train evrey day with the hopes that one day I can be on ninja warrior. Will my dream be fofilled? (is that how you spell it?) anyway does anyone else have the same dream? If so email me at Thanks all,


P.S oh ya Makoto ROCKS!!! Hes awesome. I love him.
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Makoto Nagano is exceptional. my eight year old son loves to watch him, and try's to mimick him. We call him the "Japanese Terminator" because every obstacle he is presented with, he destroys!
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