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Well I would think that all the groups tickets were purchased at the same time... check the timestamp on the non-winning tickets vs the winning one. If the winning ticket was bought at the same time as the non-winning tickets then I would say something may be up.
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My first thought is like black lights it does strange things obviously to what colors you wear... if I was a kid in that neighborhood, I'd probably hang under them and see if I can come up with some cool lighting effects from it.

On the opposite, sounds like the town council is trying to fix a community social issue with lightbulbs. Maybe getting some folks out there to address the kids /might/ be a bit more effective...
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I sympathize with the plight of the homosexual/lesbian condition, but Bert and Ernie being just best buds is just as vital of a role model for kids in this no-holds-barred freedom of information age.

I would suggest they lobby to introduce new characters instead of sacrificing the (in my opinion) long-standing friendship with its ups and downs.
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I think that guy works for SyFy now on their movies of the week... heh :-)

I have to give him props, he is getting better and you don't get better by not doing stuff. Keep it up. Though I agree he should be doing some comedy skits while he is working at it.
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Hmmm... I'm pretty sure Better Off Dead didn't have him in the rain.... Snow, yes.

Sixteen Candles, of course he was in a smaller supporting role.

A Sure Thing (not sure on that that's a vague memory for me)
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The image attributed to the 1947 invention is actually of a PDP-1 which was significant in the first computer game, spacewar (developed by MIT students Steve "Slug" Russell, Martin "Shag" Graetz and Wayne Witaenem.

He did get computerspace right, PONG never had the text pong on the screen.. Now get of my lawn! :-D
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BATMAN: Robin! What Are You Doing?!

ROBIN: Wha?!... (hops off the batpole) Oh.. I um... was working on my acrobatic exercises!

BATMAN: Wearing stilettos with your costume?

ROBIN: Helps ankle development.

[insert panel here]

Caged Heart Shirt, Black, XL
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