Pink Street Lights Deter Loitering Youths ... by Making Their Acne Look Bad!

Tired of gangs of loitering youths detering customers at a local shopping district, the city of Cardiff, Wales, decided to call in the big guns - the big, pink, glowing ones:

Anti-social behaviour on a Cardiff estate could be tackled by the installation of pink lighting to show up teenagers' acne.

The idea would be to deter yobs at a parade of shops in the city's Fairwater district where five arrests have been made and 18 Asbos issued in six weeks. [...]

The glow from lighting is said to unflattering to teenage complexions.

Apparently, this is what to do when weaponizing Mozart isn't enough: Link - via News of the Weird

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My first thought is like black lights it does strange things obviously to what colors you wear... if I was a kid in that neighborhood, I'd probably hang under them and see if I can come up with some cool lighting effects from it.

On the opposite, sounds like the town council is trying to fix a community social issue with lightbulbs. Maybe getting some folks out there to address the kids /might/ be a bit more effective...
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The debt level is so high here in the UK, that they can't afford people to get out there and help. I'm surprised they can afford the lightbulbs.
(although they seem to be able to afford billions for the Olypics)
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