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FYI he was hardly a prophet, he was commenting on existing hardware, not predicting future technology

the weeb has been around since the early '60s:
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Dogs and Cats are great companions provided they understand they're not on the other menu !

Our two Huskies (one who is near 100 pounds) are both totally pwned by our 10 pound cat!
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There is something seriously wrong with the commentors on this site when a simple cute video of a family playing with their dogs attacts scorn and condemnation..

Neatorama, your clientelle of web users are slowly turning into a bunch of whinging whiney trolls.. and this used to be the best site on the web 2 years ago.. Ce'la vie...

time to look for a new place to play
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then after you drop your vacuum, you still need to walk downstairs to get the first item.. and then ever walk farther to WalMart to replace your now broken vacuum!
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For all you commentors stating "no Crapple for me"... you do realise how big an Arse you sound by saying stupid comments like these?

Apple, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Pioneer, Sanyo et al use the same facility, so stop being so hypocritical about one comnpany that happens to be the most buzz worthly headline stealer at present.

Try researching before you all sound off like a bunch of children...
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