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Come on "fact checker!" It must be true! I read about it in The Mail!!

Still, the parents are proud enough of their little social experiment that they took it to the tabs. That's depressing.
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Lift the ban... and that on those with recent tatoos. The blood is always tested for STD's etc. before use anyway. The tests are very sensitive. If one comes up positive, inform the donor of the test result. Inform them never to try to give again due to the expense of the donation.

On the other hand, if the experts in charge of the tests say that the tests only work maybe 99.9% of the time, than the numbers of deaths by disease should be compared to those by lack of blood stock.

Just work the numbers and minimize the deaths.
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We ought to just make a "bacterial artificial chromosome" of the genome like we have for so many other viruses... We can just store the DNA somewhere under deep freeze and destroy the virus samples that are available. The sequence of Small Pox is no secret... If someone was supremely motivated, very patient, and well funded, they could build the thing from scratch if they really wanted. So we might as well keep the DNA around in case there is some need to study the virus again in the future. The virus samples themselves can then be destroyed and the public can relax a bit.
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The "will it turn him gay?" is a loaded question and a straw-man argument. Some people over-reacted, and others dived on it with some sad sort of inflated righteous indignation.

The discussion that it--if tangentially--brought up is really about social norms and clothing. Adults dress the way they do for reasons. Your clothing sends a message. If I went to work--or anywhere--in a dress, it would tell people something about me just as if I loudly dropped the F-bomb all the time in public. Colors should be arbitrary and meaningless, but they aren't.

When you dress your kids, you're sending a message to others on their behalf, whether you like it or not. They are not dolls, they're living individuals that make impressions and develop reputations. You, as a parent, are responsible for those until they're old enough to do so themselves.

Also, your children are NOT your own personal little social experiment. Prepare them for real life, not for your own idealistic image of some utopian future.

Still, a little goofing around isn't gonna hurt anyone. Come on.
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Many are saying shock from fireworks followed by chaos and collisions.

The fish appear unrelated and coincidental.
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Sugar is sugar. Sugar from corn is essentially just concentrated so the industry can use less material to get the same sweetness. Yes, if you compare a cup of granulated sugar to a cup of Karo, you'll see a massive difference, but the volume is not what you should be looking at. You should be looking at the grams of actual sugars. Consider caramel made from cane sugar... The bottom line is the actual gram amount of sugar shown on the label of the food you buy. The source of it is irrelevant, metabolically. Just avoid foods with a bazzilion grams of sugar per serving; don't be concerned about where that sugar came from. Heck FRUIT juice has a TON of sugar, even if it is squeezed in your kitchen. Fruit are sugary.

Also, eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast does not mean that your body can ONLY metabolize carbs for the day. The studies show a fatty breakfast WILL in fact help boost the use of fat as energy, but will not stop anything else from being used as well...
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