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You must not know animals very well. The dog is thrilled. Non-dominant, happy to play. The pig got more than s/he bargained for, and is a little anxious about how rambunctious the dog became.
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Almaline and nihil:

I recommend two catalog/online companies, Lady Grace and BraSmyth. It's nice not to have to do my own alterations to bras anymore!
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My children were opening vacuum-packed jars by the time they were 6.

Use an old can opener to introduce a little air under the rim. Once you've done that, the lid will unscrew with no difficulties.
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1981? Didn't know the Lawrence Welk show was still on then. But the fact that an uber-white M/F dance team slowed down the tempo on a 1960's song to dance to it (in body-hiding costumes) is exactly what I remember about the show.
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A significant number of people are lactose intolerant, but they're required to have dairy in every lunch anyway?

A lesser but still important number of people are vegetarians of some variety -- in many cases due to religious beliefs -- but they're required to have meat in every lunch anyway?

And who in their right mind thinks chicken nuggets are healthier than a turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread?
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And this is what we pay taxes for.... Billions of dollars spent on the Space program so some Astronauts can play with alkaseltzer.... I want my money back
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