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Dude. In the amount of time it would take me to plan and write an email with time estimates of tasks for the day, I could load my own laundry, schedule my own hair appointment, and organize my own closet. Maybe he's just trying to put on some weight.
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"Science is the outcome of being prepared to live without certainty and therefore a mark of maturity. It embraces doubt and loose ends."

Huh, I could have said the same thing of religion.
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Exactly Ragazzambulante (now that was interesting typing): Maybe because I've had two kids, I actually feel supersorry for that poor hen. Do chickens grimace? Groan in agony? Try different birthing positions????
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Yup. We're realizing our future will go nowhere if we continue to procreate (only two kids--they are wonderful,but they are enough). Greg had his own "v-day" a few months ago and I am just thankful we are done. The more would not be the merrier in our case--especially since my my husband just got a preliminary layoff notice last week from his school district.
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Dude, this woman makes young internet users sound like a bunch of jittery, excitable, tweakers who can't wait for their next, well, anything. I'm OKAY with being chill and waiting. Long sermons and lectures are certainly not my favorite thing, and neither is standing in line. But I am totally content to be quiet and watch the leaves blow in my back yard. I can read a book (I actually happen to LOVE reading) and I can sit through a movie, and I sit through lectures as I am a student. And I AM a facebook/internet user. I'm sorry, but the people with the shortest attention spans I know are old people who don't EVER use the internet. While young people are content to just hang out, the old people are the impatient frustrated annoyed ones. They often cut in line, they are often demanding and impatient at the pharmacy/checkout line, etc. I don't see any more old people checking out books at the library than young ones, and they don't sit through long sermons or lectures any better than anyone I know. I don't understand this line of thought. Yes, facebook and myspace make us narcissistic, but so do makeup and clothes. So does television. So do movies. Anything outside ourselves makes us reflect UPON ourselves. That's just how life works. And gtron, you are right. Faster isn't *always* better, but sometimes it is better.
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I don't understand why we only ever hear about McDonalds. Ever since "Super Size Me" came out a few years ago, the cool kids have decided it's the most disgusting, vile, horrid corporation to ever exist in our day and age, and we all follow--pitchforks in hand. I'm not sure--I've done no research to back this up, but I have a feeling that other companies are breathing huge sighs of relief; thinking they can get away with whatever they want because anytime anything happens with any of the McDonald's restaurants, McDonalds is what is going to pay, and the focus is PERMANENTLY off of them. Recently, KFC transferred it's oh-so-secret recipe from one place to another safer place. We all cheer and are all warm and fuzzy because after all, the thing was written in PENCIL and was signed by Harland Sanders. We don't question the integrity of that recipe. All we are concerned with is the fact that it is orignal and C. Sanders wrote it all by himself. What if we found out that soiled towel squeezings and spider eggs were part of his secret ingredients?

Don't just diss Mickey D's if you are going to diss bad-for-you-food. Either eat it, or don't. McDonalds isn't the only company out there trying to make a buck off of being cheap.
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