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Amazingly enough, we have this EXACT same problem here in our city (yucaipa, ca). We bought a house with what we found out later was a garage conversion. We almost had a lien put against our house because of it. In order for a house to be "up to code" here in Yucaipa, you have to have a garage. Sooo..if we ever want to get a project approved by the city, we have to convert our third bedroom back into a garage before they will accept any changes to our existing house. Ridiculous if you ask me. Don't move to So-cal, people. The weather just isn't worth the trouble anymore.
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There is a billboard 10 miles from my house that I pass by everytime I am on my way home. It has this very "empowered" looking female (business attire, short haircut) on it with text that reads, "I recycle. My reasons are my own". I find that sign irritating and it does absolutely nothing to make me want to recycle. Stuff like this is what I think the "never-greeners" really get irritated by. It's really eco-evangelism and I think a lot of people are tired of being told to convert or go to eco-Hell.
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