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I may invoke the wrath of Herpetologist's worlwide over this....but having grown up in south Texas....I'd feel NO remorse over drowning rattle snakes in vodka. I wouldn't drink it...but who am I tell anyone else they shouldn't.

If you went out every day hunting for rattlesnakes on the same acre in south Texas, you'd still never run out of snakes no matter how successful you were. Just head out to the Freer, Tx. Rattlesnake roundup...you'll understand.
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While reviewing applications for customer Service positions...I once had a fellow write on his application...."Don't call my last job...that bitch never proved I stole anything". Needless to say...we didn't call him in for an interview.
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D'oh! That's just too easy. I should have thought of that. Next Christmas I'm saving the extra long paper tubes then cutting them up into smaller sections.
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I would LOVE to have his shelter. Can you say Data Bunker?

As a side note as to how paranoid the nation was during the Cuban Missle Crisis. My Grandfather who lived near Corpus Christi Tx at the time, had his Sea worthy fishing boat refitted with an EXTRA large fuel tank...so he could take the whole family across the Gulf to Mexico. No fool he.
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