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Although some would think that it is dumb
My fave tee-shirt is "Tardis Spectrum"
by SwanStar Designs
It's a sign of the times
That Neatoshop's just plain good fun!
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Here's the thing:
I'd LOVE the desk protector - I'd be happy to pay the $1.95 extra!!!
If that's not doable (and I reckon it won't be) then the Weeping Angel would be the go - but they're out of stock - so if THAT's not possible, then the red Talking Plush.

I mean, what the heck - I'd be happy with anything!!
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Long John Silver peered intently through his spyglass. Galloping toward him was a large, white horse... but wait! A horse with a horn?
Unfortunately, so fascinated was the pirate by the appearance of a real, honest to goodness, unicorn, that he failed to dodge aside.
The relic we see here, ladies and gentlemen, were removed from the pirate's eye socket, post mortem.

Pixelate - XL
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This happened in a park in the UK when I was but a lad. It was a combination of very wet conditions, and a burst gas-main.

we (being teenage boys) dug holes and lit the escaping gas!

It looked great at night!

Fortunately the gas was bubbling up through the sodden mud underneath, or I guess I might not be here to tell the tale!
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Look carefully - it's not a box but a flat piece of card, painted to look like a box.
In order to see it as a box, you need to wear special 3D glasses.
these can be found inside the box.

Bike Brightz - Blue please!
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In days of yore, these devices were bolted to the wall in front of almost every barber's chair.
Before the question "Something for the weekend, Sir?", when a prophylactic was something to be only dreamed of, these devices were used to "drain the gentleman of his desires".
Its use was quite simple, as explained in the following extract from the instructions.
"Taking a lighted taper of sufficient length for the gentleman, drop same within the glass catcher while well aflame. Immediately, with all haste, the gentleman's member should be placed wholly within the entrance, sufficient to exclude the passage of air to within."
"As the flame reduces the air within, so a massive suction doth occur, pleasuring the gentleman in an instant, reducing his immediate defires, soon dousing the flame and with the additional promise of the extension of both length and girth of the gentleman's equipment."

Schroedinger's Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive - XL
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As a techie parent of a kid that goes to a Waldorf school (they're called Steiner schools here in Australia) I obviously agree with much of what is said about these schools.
As a newly qualified teacher, with experience of teaching at both traditional and steiner senior schools, the difference in the kids is completely astonishing - steiner kids are far more self-reliant, generally eager to learn, polite and nice to one another and to the teachers. etc.
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Ths pic is actually flipped horizontally - andis an illustration to this:

It was raining quite hard, but the sun was still sunny
I saw a rainbow and thought it was funny
Then blue lightning came down and hit Dad in the eye
And he shouted "scha!" - but I don't know why

I Heart 8 Bit Video Games XL please
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