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Whoa. I would have hugged that tree that stopped the car. Before I helped the drive. "Thank you tree. Thank you." I probably would have gone to picnic there every Sunday after.
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I'd check out the Apple discussion boards. I work for Apple, but I'm not able to give support (policy). The discussion boards are full of Mac geeks who are smarter than any of us. :)
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I don't know what Tona B is talking about, because that Texas accent was horrid. I'm a native Texan, and I might have a bit of a drawl sometimes but it is NOT that. Even the country folk I know don't sound so.. old western movie-ish.
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I learned more from your paragraph about the Winchester Mystery House than I did from the entire website dedicated to it. Maybe they're trying to keep things mysterious?
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He teaches them that sex comes first? What a jerk.
I'm also questioning the "five successful relationships" quote. Pretty much all relationships are successful...until they're over.
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Finally getting around to commenting here... My name is Caitlin. Been reading Neatorama for a couple of years, as it's a very popular site among my coworkers.

I'm a 24 year old "professional" from Austin, Tx. Only a semester of college to speak of but I've managed to land an awesome job at an awesome place: Apple Inc. Life is good.
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Personally I think PTSD is as much a cop-out now as ADD. That's not to say that PTSD was not a big deal during the Vietnam era, but now? I can't believe, especially after I myself have served in the military during this stupid war.

One thing I can't stand is when people throw up the veteran card. So what if he's a veteran? That's completely irrelevant, and this statement:

"I’m part of the first wave of guys returning, and I’m having to make sure the guys that come behind me don’t have to deal with the problems I’m dealing with."

is such a load of crap. His cat wasn't denied entry because he's a veteran, and let's be serious here.. how many people choose CATS as their service animals? I love cats, I am a cat person, but they are not the most popular service animals.

I think this guy is just a whiny jerk looking for some attention and some sympathy. I'm embarrassed to say that I live just a few miles from that gym, and probably just a few miles from this guy.
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Absolutely NOT.

It's disgusting that the judge should say the child would be influenced by atheist parents and not recognize that she'd be influenced by religious parents also. Just how long ago was that state constitution written?
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who wondered about that. Even if she didn't consider it would be on the internet, wouldn't she want to bleach them before being photographed with them?
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