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I heard this story on NPR Friday morning. It seems to be true with corroboration available from the people at the diner where Mr. Diaz eats dinner.

His mother made the comment that, as a child, if someone asked Julio what time it was, "he'd give them his watch".

It sounded to me as though Mr. Diaz had made a potentially tremendous impact on the other man's life. At least more so than that offered by the criminal justice system.
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What moron put Sith lightsabers in the frame. I can see it now, a Sith leaves his or her lightsaber at home and happens to run into a Jedi at the bus stop who also forgot their lightsaber. Now the Jedi would automatically prevail except....
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I don't know Michael Jackson and I have never been to a concert or seen him in person. My perception of things associated with him are that Neverland does for amusement parks what John Wayne Gacy does for clowns.
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What is so bad about death that people are willing to be kept alive by a machine for as long as possible? And what is so great about eventual death by pneumonia, sepsis, or multiple organ failure?

I've seen it plenty of times and it's not pretty.

For my part, I'm looking forward to the afterlife.
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If you do it right, your lungs become filled with fluid (pulmonary edema/pulmonary effusion) which leads to you drowning in your own water. You can also get a pericardial effusion (water surrounding the heart) which can lead to cardiac arrest.

What I can't understand is that if you're going to have yourself nailed to a cross, why would you even be thinking about tetanus or any other infection?
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I had read this story earlier on CNN but they had left out the part about Arthur C. Clarke dying the same day. What they did mention was that no one from the observatory actually went outside to look at the event.
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If they want to stop these subs they should get the hypnotist who looks like Rasputin/Saddam Hussein. Then the drug runners wouldn't even know they had been arrested until they saw the video of the event.
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I think the question of whether the organism could survive being removed from its habitat generally depends upon the depth at which the organism lives. Many of the organisms that die do so from the drastic drop in pressure.

At least that sounds good, so I'm sticking with it.
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Just playing devil's advocate, maybe he was counting the number of demons, not the number of people possessed. So if one person was possessed by 10 demons, this would skew the math.
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I see this as exemplifying what is 'right' about our society. That one person can start something that is carried out by strangers with the same spirit of involvement is great. Whether you think the photographs are good or not is secondary to the fact that they were willing to get involved.
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New Jersey is the "Garden State". But seriously, maybe this explains why civil engineers in New Jersey think that traffic circles are a good thing. I will drive 100 miles out of my way just to avoid one.
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The only city on the list that I have lived in is Orlando. It was clean. But, wow, the palmeto bugs (a.k.a. cockroaches)!!! I almost wound up paying a pet deposit for one in my apartment because it was over 20 pounds.
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Naysayers about the LHC sound similiar to some scientists who during the Manhattan Project postulated that, when activated, the hydrogen reaction created would ignite and spread to encompass all the hydrogen in the atmosphere. Of course, it didn't.

I applaud the audacity of CERN to devote so much resource to the process of discovery. The United States used to be the center of Science for Science's Sake. The Government supported academic research and discovery. Now our money and attention is being drawn to different activities.

I would like to believe that CERN's achievement can inspire us to go further and farther. We can only imagine what the future holds. But if we're lucky, the future will hold that which we are incapable of imagining.
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