Neverland Ranch Photos by Jonathan Haeber

Michael Jackson has fallen on some hard times and the King of Pop's Neverland Ranch is up for auctions, and Jonathan Haeber of Bearings blog has some fantastic nighttime photos of the place.

What I do post are places that were largely seen by the public (or at least by hordes of kids who count it a privilege to have been on “the Ranch.”) Whether or not you believe he’s innocent, one can still appreciate the beauty of Jackson’s vision in creating such a place. None of us should ever lose our sense of wonder and amazement at the world, and I think Jackson truly wanted children to have this, largely because he never had it as a child himself.

Link (Photo: Jonathan Haeber) | Flickr Gallery - via The Presurfer

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I have to say I admire the blogger/photographer for standing up and saying he believes Michael Jackson is innocent, especially when it's so easy to take potshots at the guy for being such an odd duck. I don't have enough info on the case to really have a strong opinion about his guilt or innocence, but it's really easy to buy that -some- of the people, at least, who are convinced of his guilt feel that way more because of how odd he is than out of any solid evidence that he'd guilty of the horrible things he's been accused of ...

Eh, I dunno. Personally (um, assuming he IS innocent, of course) I think it's nice to have a few people out there who are okay with the fact that the world thinks they're freaky ...
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I don't know Michael Jackson and I have never been to a concert or seen him in person. My perception of things associated with him are that Neverland does for amusement parks what John Wayne Gacy does for clowns.
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