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Maybe it was mentioned... I didn't see it though - that Phelps' church lost a lawsuit recently. They were sued by the family of a dead soldier at whose funeral they picketed. The church, based on the decision, should be liquidated soon, or will be if the court follows through. The judgment was about 8x the value of the assets of the entire organization.
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The burden of proof lies not in disproving, but in proving a theory. This is true as much in science as it is in the legal system.
Unlike the moon landing and smoking-caused cancer, there is substantial evidence on BOTH sides of the climate change arena. This lends the scientific community to either gather more substantial evidence, or leave this idea under the category of "theory."

As for the name calling ("flat-earthers?"), it is completely unnecessary and destroys your credibility.

I completely understand that many of you buy into what the media tells you, but in this case, you should all do a little 'open-minded' research, and read evidence from both sides.

As this issue has somehow become political (although it is unclear as to why), every scientist with an opposing view has been pushed to the back-burner for people like Gore.

I must move on to other (newer) threads elsewhere, so I leave this forum with a Newsweek article supporting climate change:

So, there is no denying it: climate change is a real and immediate danger (and it is also clear why 'global warming' has been dropped for a more inclusive term).

Good day to you all.
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Actually, while on the subject...

If anyone has a credible (peer reviewed) link with evidence that either:
a) Man is the leading cause of CO2 emissions,
b) CO2 in the atmosphere is causing "climate change," (formerly referred to as 'global warming'), please link them here.

As I am sure most of you with a bit of related education know, there are no such undisputed, scientific findings.

Again, Chris, et. al, this whole issue is politics.
Nothing more.
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Chris says: "There is no longer any scientific debate on the issue [of 'man made' global warming]."

Clearly, Chris, you are not a scientist. And, as I am (credentials upon request), I must ask that you cease in spreading your BS.

Much thanks,
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Well, he thinks he is doing the right thing, but so do many people who think they are doing the right thing... for peace.
This discussion led me to review all of the past recipients, and I came to realize, that Gore and the panel may be the first to ever win for reasons other than those relating directly to peace.

And why are people bringing up Bush and Foxnews? WTF relevance do those topics have here?

Stick to the topic guys.
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I have operated nuclear power plants for years. Nothing is cleaner and more efficient, and STEAM is not pollution in any way at all. I am very tired of environmentalists opposing these plants when every efficient alternative is MUCH more invasive and destructive.
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