Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Heath Ledger's Funeral

Someone tell the idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church that Heath Ledger was an actor playing a role in The Brokeback Mountain. Or maybe they didn't even care.

Is this for real? Sadly, given the history of condemnation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people (LGBT) by Fred Phelps (leader of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas), it's totally believable that they'd do something this low.

- via One Large Prawn

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Im not attacking the Christian faith. I myself am born again. I have grown up knowing and learning the bible. Im saying that these people have problems. They arent suppose to go around to funerals telling people that God hates them. They need to be going around telling people what they need to hear. It is wrong what they do. If they think they are going to get people to repent, they are wrong. If you didnt know anything about God and I ran into one of these people or saw them on tv and they are telling you that God hates America, would you want anything to do with God or Jesus. You probably wouldnt. But I know that God and Jesus loves me. And they love the rest of the world. No matter what you do they still love you. But God is giving you the choice to choose between him or satan. And I think these people are pushing people to choose satan.
Its mankinds choice on whether they want to go to hell or not. But when you hear what these people have to say and you believe it, you choose satan whether you know it or not.
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A great English teacher of mine once taught me: "the Bible is man's growing understanding of God."

This understanding culminates with the arrival of His son in spirit and flesh. He teaches us what is needed to be taught. Although many will disagree, the Old Testament is simply man's words. As man is flawed, so may be the stories incorporated with it. It took the words of Jesus Christ to fully grasp the true meaning of the "CHRISTian" doctrine.

I believe we can read stories from the Old Testament as a reference to those who truly believed in God. Whether or not I believe that God let Satan get the best of him and attack his follower Job (which I don't believe the true benevolent God would do), I believe that Job was a good man. Whether or not ancient scribes got the story right should not matter now. The fact that this man was willing to do whatever is needed to stay in faith is all that SHOULD matter.

If I truly believe in Jesus Christ and his words, then I must read his Sermon on the Mount in which (in referral to the days of the Old Testament) he repeats "you heard it used to be said." The Old Testament should not be compared to the words of Jesus Christ himself. Why would you believe someone over the Son of God?

Trust Jesus and his Sermon on the Mount. Your relationship with Christ is unique. You don't have to trust another's relationship with Christ, as long as you trust yours. (I know this is way too long for a message board, but the next time someone wants to attack the Christian faith: understand that a true Christian does not have to believe in fire, brimstone, and the hatred of all mankind to be happy and live with faith.
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I'm a drag queen from L.A., and I've made a video about the Westboro Baptist Church picketers, but with sexier visuals. It is driving Phelps so crazy they are sending members to comment on my videos!!
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these people are not christians. This is a cult that this man has created to take as many people to hell with him as possible. These people are evil and will get what is coming to them.
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