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There's a shop not far from here which, three years ago, was selling these for ten quid a go.
That's nearly fifteen of your American-type dollars.
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The one I want is Larry Niven's "variable sword". A monomolecular thread with a bead on the end, held in a stasis field. Slices through anything cleanly, can be extended up to several meters.

Perfect for tiling, woodwork, brickwork, plumbing...just about everything.

Oh, and can I borrow your medbay (Niven's autodoc) to put fingers back on, please?
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It really belongs on radio, where it started. It came out just before my 16th birthday and one or two friends and I were instant fans.
I had to explain to our son that I had to wait years before hearing it again - though I had the LP it wasn't the same.
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~I'm proud to say that three of our four would shred the costume, and any human silly enough to try to put them in it. Chlorine - well, she's just daft.
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Near us there's a carpet shop "WELLIINGTON CARPETS"

I've never been in there because I just know I'd have to mention in and they'd either be cross because they already knew, or cross because they didn't know. So I just drive past it from time to time.
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Definitely Seuss. When I was a kid we only had The Cat In The Hat and, I think, The Cat In The Hat Comes Back.
When we had kids we made sure we had the lot - it's one of the things that shaped both their senses of humour.
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Son and I were swapping lines while we were at work today.
"You are so mercifully free of the ravages of intellect."
"You say the nicest things, master"!
"I know. I'm sorry."

I had to explain Subscriber Trunk Dialling to him.
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That's fine if you can take caffeine. Me - I'm more than happy with it, by if by accident I give the other half my coffee instead of hers she spends the rest of the day falling over. De-caff has its place.
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