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Cool Concept For Plane That Can Detach Its Entire Cabin In An Emergency

In the future planes will be a whole lot safer to fly in, and safer for passengers to crash in as well, which really doesn't help make the whole process any more comforting to watch!

(YouTube Link)

This radical detaching cabin concept is being developed by aviation engineer Vladimir Tatarenko, who believe the key to making a safer plane is to separate the cabin from the engines in an emergency.

Vladimir's concept involves parachutes carrying the detached cabin safely to the ground, and rubber tubes along the bottom of the cabin to help cushion it against impact.

Some see his design as the future of safe air travel, while others worry the detachable cabin will weaken the plane's airframe, but either way it makes for an interesting idea!

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Better still, passengers can board the compartment long before the aircraft shows up, so they will have plenty of time to find a nice seat and stow their carry-ons.
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The concept of the internal capsule that can be ejected in an emergency, sliding out of the body of the aircraft, is inherently flawed. Ignoring the problem with the number of connections that would have to be made to bring power, ventilation, etc. to the capsule, ejecting the capsule not only requires that all of these connections be severed cleanly, but that there is no damage that prevents the capsule from sliding. Take the recent suicide bomber blowing out the side of the plane; if that were in an escape capsule, the torn edges of the capsule blown outward would jam into the shell of the aircraft, preventing the capsule from ejecting.

Making the body of the aircraft an ejectable pod also has fundamental problems. As it is now, the passenger cabin is an integral part of the aircraft. With the passenger cabin as a pod, there will be a limited number of attachment points holding the pod to the airframe, making it possible to sabotage the aircraft by blowing the attachment points, with sabotaging the emergency chutes an additional fillip to ensure 100% casualties among the passengers -- like the Challenger astronauts, aware of their fate throughout their fall to earth.
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Awesome idea, really it is... except that about 70% of crashes occur during takeoff or landing, so detach-parachute would be useless. I'd rather see a system that was primarily designed to help during the 70% of crashes and might or might not work during the other 30%.
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A few more words: This system would lead to inadvertend separations, ... and to possilbe malfuctions of the parachutes... Which would require reserve parachutes...

The idea of using two parachutes - is simply ridiculous ... (was already a bad idea in the "Tiger" helicopter of 007 "Golden eye")
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