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The world keeps changing. You might say that having ordinary pedestrian lights is going too far - or any of dozens of other safety ideas.

Sure - some are daft, like the fad in the UK for having little dummy plugs to protect mains sockets from enquiring fingers.
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The bottles were reused, not recycled - there's a big difference, particularly in the amount of energy used in production.

Provided you can get the bottles back without too much fuel cost, which should be manageable using the existing supply chain and delivery runs, it's far better to reuse than recycle.
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Your plane's shadow should always be inside a rainbow - since the central axis of a rainbow is in a line with your head and the sun, as is the plane's shadow.
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I remember my dad teaching me to orient the map when I was little. When I was about eight I had to navigate round France, from the back seat of our old Cortina. He'd go where I told him, too.

Later I learned to turn the map round in my head, but when learning it certainly helped to orient it.
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My dad remembered these from the mid 1920s when he was at school in this building in Barnes. There were two to each table, and after they'd had lunch on the tables they turned them over and in pouches underneath were the hammocks which they had to sling and climb into.
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