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Why does neatorama cater to this crap? It's not neat or interesting by any stretch of the imagination... Whoopity doo, a bunch of people who haven't bathed in months got together to protest and sing.. This is neat how!?!?! Go get a job and pay for your own candidates.

Target can do whatever it wants! If you don't agree with their politics, then don't shop or work with them.. end of story...

The fact that they have to APOLOGIZE for their owners/chairmens beliefs... LAME!!!!

OMG, Chic fil a, has a christian agenda! LET'S ALL PROTEST!!! You protest, I'll enjoy my chicken sandwich!
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You mean someone besides me bought and paid for "Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony" wow.... I thought I was their only sucker, I mean customer... There was another game "Elite".. was a space sim, it had many names for different consoles(can I say that about early computers).... I loved that game, but man was it rough to get started.. once you had cash though, it quickly became a breeze to play.
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Am I the only one who thinks that if this was in America, the lawsuits would be crazy insane?

As for how she stops, looking at the picture and making an assumption, her right arm is holding the brakes.
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If it's too cheap, people don't want it.. I am a real estate investor. I had one house I bought right, and by the time I fixed it up and put it on the market, I figured i would put it on the market at 10% below market value, to sell it quick... yeah, people thought it was too cheap. When i finally got an offer, it was a low ball.. now I don't price them that cheap.. hehe
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@Alex - I think "Asian Ceiling" is a case of opposite racism.. If there is such a term... Sometimes we just need to go with what is right, and not what is PC... I am white, and my wife is Indian(dot, not the feather).. If my son applied to a college and got beat out by another person.. well then he got beat fair and square... He should have studied harder... It's not a racial thing, but the people who think that it is, are what I described earlier.. someone looking to place blame...
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The comments by the author of this post has me thinking about Racism in todays society.

BY ENLARGE, I THINK the race card is pulled out as a way for people to find closure, or the way to make others pay for some injustice. "I didn't get the job because they don't like blahblah's!", "I should have known better than to trust a blahblah!". It makes it easier to find a reason for why something didn't go that persons' way.

I'm not saying that is the case all the time, but that is what I see more often than not... Then again, I'm pretty sheltered, and think there is two sides to every story!
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So what this study basically says is that men are thrifty, and women are shop-a-holics?!? I can read between the lines.. /snicker

Darn you women and your spending habits!

Hrmm, actually, my wife is much more thrifty than I am... I guess I need some testosterone shots! Keep that oxytocin away from me! I don't want my wife's cooties!
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Read the Heechee Saga by Frederik Pohl.. Basically details this scenario... Send them to mars, and give them a percentage of the profits incurred by their discoveries... Even if you die, your family may be set for life... course you could die, and get nothing, but risk takers abound!
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Depends on where you live.

Here in Indiana, we have 3-5% appreciation/depreciation on homes per year(yes, even in this market). Not much volatility.

It is cheaper, in most cases, to buy than rent in Indiana.

If you are an investor, there is GREAT returns, especially now when everyone is paniced. I buy houses at 60-70% of retail minus repairs, and then rehab and put them on the market at 90-95% and am still getting them sold. 100k house generally nets me 20-30k.

I work with investors who don't want the hassles with rehabbing real estate, and I pay them between 6-8% on their cash investment, plus they get all the tax deductions that go with it.

I also work with investors who want to buy and hold, but want me to handle the rehab/renters/etc. Tax deductions, depreciation, etc they get the benefits plus I give them guaranteed rent each month.

There is a lot of money to be made in owning real estate, but you have to be smart about it. You can't let emotion rule your world when buying a house.
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What's funny is that my wife and a friend of ours was watching the 6 episodes of the genesis of the daleks last eve.. We had been commenting about low budget good writing tv shows/movies.. Making jokes about what the actual backgrounds were etc... Then we were switching to a movie, and I figured I would check out neatorama.. and WAHLAH, we find this! hehehe Great stuff!
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Another problem with this strategy, is that it really isn't going to help in most cases. I guess if you are looking to freeload then it will help for a short time.

If you are thinking it will give you time to get back on your feet and back on track, chances are not good... Banks are not set up to help people out who get behind. It's the exact opposite, when you get behind, they start tagging you with a bunch of fees and try to get every last cent out of you before they have to foreclose...

Banks are dumb. The first thing a bank does with a foreclosed home is to shut off the power. Hello, if you have a basement and a sump pump(s).. What happens to those when the power gets shut off... YEP!!! Flooded basement!!

What happens when you get behind in your payments? They fee the hell out of you, so even if you wanted to catch up, odds(and fees) are stacked massively against you...
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Shhhh SparkS, you'll ruin my street cred!!!!

The ID came from my tendency to be a bit cynical, to the point of being considered Grouchy.. hehe Truth be known, I am actually quite the jokester!

Been using this nickname for years... Even got me in trouble with a vendor(my email has the nickname in there as well). When we called to report an item was broken in shipping, he was immediately nasty thinking we were trying to take advantage of him.. hehe Once we figured out the root of his nastiness, we explained the nickname, and now that vendor is a good friend who we buy things from constantly...

* I say *we*, cause the wife and me share that email account.

Enough blathering incessantly from me.... If you made a donation to ANY charity... THANK YOU!!!!!
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