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If you've ever been on an extended backpacking trip... about the 5th or 6th day you start dreaming of certain foods.. Indeed after a while the thought of getting back to civilization and certain foods is what keeps you going..

We've done 8-10 day backpacking trips, and your pace quickens on that last day, cause all you are thinking about is eating a big huge meal at some restaurant....
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I had a beagle who had the same problem with the floors we put in our basement.. She did whatever she wanted, so it wasn't her looking for permission. Our new floors were also very dark in color. I got the feeling it was like she couldn't see them. She was scared out of her mind? to walk on them. We had same type of floors upstairs, but they were lighter in color, and she had no problem with them.
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I buy houses and rehab them and sell them.. I see a lot of this stuff with every house.. Many people do not do updates.. My last house came with a 1958 dishwasher, which still worked. I sold it to a gentleman who rebuilds appliances. He was thrilled to have it. My current home was purchased with original 1970's shag carpeting throughout, and I got the comb that helps make vacuuming easier!
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Sometimes, depending on how wet the snow is, my snow blower does not like to go at a 45-90 degree angle from the snow blower.. I end up doing something similar to this, but still at a bit more angle in order to get the snow off the property.
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How is this art? This is stupidity. You want to see a live birth, rent a video, or hit youtube.. there's lots of videos there....

This is almost as useful as the "artist" who canned his poop and sold it....

She's just in it for the shock value, and the hope that she might sell a painting or whatever...
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In the Apple II days, I went under the handle The Concerned Citizen(seemed like a playful twist against the pirate/hacker bbs days), then in the IBM 486/p5 days, I was Spark Plug(huge car guy), and when EQ1 came out(1999) I was Grouchie Grumbles(Cynical pessimistic humor that everyone thought I was a grouch).

Since then I utilize Voodoochili(a combination/modification of the jimi hendrix song(voodoo child)/rudy rucker book character Manchile, which gave me the evil concoction of VoodooChili)! I also use BadHoochy for female game characters, but that doesn't really need an explanation...
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Points could be made that this is a live birth document, which if applying for a passport would be unacceptable as there was a bunch of fraud in the 60's with live birth documents.

Points could also be made that this document states the NEW name of the hospital he was born in(Hospital changed their name in 1979, well after Obama's birth).

I find it a riot that Obama lovers always pull the race card when someone questions Obama.

For the record, we'll never know if Obama was really born in America. The only person who knows for sure is his mother.
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NCR Stamping Phone was the first automated credit approval system, designed for high-end department stores. These are extremely rare, and only a handful are still around from the 1940's.

my kids personal ATM - XL please.
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I have a beagle who throws a hissy fit if you don't give her a biscuit after her late morning walk, or when you get home from work.

I can get my jack russell terror telling me how horrible his day was.... "How was your day?" to his reply of "Growllllll, bark!"

While I love dog videos as much as the next guy, this aint that special.
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Should have put it out for those of us in areas that dont have mass transit, like ShyWarrior said...

For the record, i think it's nice that you can partner up with other websites/ford to do this, just think it would be better bang for their buck, if they did it more for the rest of the world..
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