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and you shouldn't shame someone, however if I saw kids playing in traffic I would let them know that is not the brightest idea. Same as people letting others know what is not the best for their bodies.
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yeah great idea, I live in Cincinnati where the traffic stops with a few drops of rain. The sensationalist media here would have a field day with...

"Well Bob, it looks like it is beginning to become pink, take some extra time going to work today..."

Great, a 3 hour commute.
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dan, thats a joke right. Of course if someone seems smarter and has the better interview they are hired. Would you want to just hire the first person in line.

And to your other point. Thin is better. I am not even talking about looks, I mean for your health, hour heart, your arteries, your joints etc...
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we live in a society that makes this sort of lifestyle easy. You don't have to work for anything anymore and everything is instant.

On the way home from work I can swing through a restaurant and be done with dinner before I am home. Then I don't have to go outside to talk to anyone I can just log on. There is a service for everything, I don't have to mow my lawn. I can just sit and grow.
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ahhh.. good ole Mr. T.

Did you know:

Mr. T once bit off more than he could chew. He ate it anyway.

many more here:
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If you stop the video at 1:11 you can clearly see a PETA representative filming the whole thing. I think this little operation is about to be exposed.
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