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It is wet and snowy where I live from October to April and wearing waterproof shoes or boots for seven months of the year does not happen. I rarely wear boots to work, there isn't a place to store nice dress shoes when I arrive so I try my best to avoid snowy areas while walking in. Of course when it snows in the afternoon my nice shoes inevitably get wet. It's just the price you pay for living in the Great White North.
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I would say the evil has already been committed and there probably is only a small chance that the textbook would again be used for evil. If it is being used to help people then morally I think it is permissible. I do find the whole idea morally ambiguous but this is the conclusion that I came to.
I posted the above before reading the article. It was a very interesting read!
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Ha! I knew a plumber who replaced the water heater in the wrong home. He flipped the address in his head and the homeowners were at work and left the door open. As did the house that got the new water heater. Oops.
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It's also a difference btw the UK/Europe and North America. It is common to drink water with meals in North America whereas a nice alcoholic bevy is a treat here. In Europe, having a drink with a meal out is expected and I would guess that the restaurant income structure is based on people having a drink with their meal. I agree with this restaurant owner, people should buy a drink with their meal. In my experience, drinks with meals in the UK are also cheaper than drinks in Canada and the US so it's not an equal comparison.
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i live on the prairies in S. Sask and we have a tree north of our town called the lone tree. Most local people honk at it on the way by and sometimes people tie yellow ribbons around it because of the old song.
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We went to an authentic Chinese restaurant in Calgary and we were the only non Chinese guests. The food was wonderful but we were really looking forward to the plate of cut oranges that came out with the bill. Of course, we were the only table that got fortune cookies with the bill instead of oranges. Still a little disappointed.
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My grandparents had a barbed wire phone to their neighbours in the 1950s just north of Montana in Saskatchewan. I don't know when they got an actual phone line to the closest town.
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In Saskatchewan we have days that start off 7°c (45°f) by 10:00am it has warmed up to shorts and t-shirt weather. As a teacher I am never fazed by kids who dress for what the weather will be rather than what it is. Plus it's Canada - coats are optional until the snow is flying.
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Magnetic strip on your credit card? I would definitely say that tech is obsolete. My card has a magnetic strip and a chip and a tap option but I don't think I've ever used the magnetic strip. Tap is most common in Canada.
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