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Those birds are farking horrific. Here's a photo one of the warning signs alluded to in previous comments, captured while on a trip to Australia:
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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Amazing Star Wars cakes were a phenomenon on the internet tubes long before Ace of Cakes ever got a hold of the idea.

Here's one that was profiled on BoingBoing and the front page of Digg:

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I think everyone has the wrong idea. I don't think Janeane Garofalo's casting has anything at all to do with her politics. I think they just need a comic foil on that show to mitigate the unrelenting stream of ridiculous plots, situations, and dialogue.

Here's my full take... let me know what you think:
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Ah, yes, Uncle John's bathroom reader. The copy in my bathroom has many a dog-eared page.

Along the same lines... why wouldn't you couple your stay in a strange-and-unusual hotel with a visit to a strange-and-unusual theme park?
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1) We only need about a million Hu Shulins and we can rid the world of pesticides.

2) "...the chamber is like a nightclub for flies, where they party themselves to death." That sounds like the intro to a Dateline NBC story.
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