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Woohoo! We're number 4!
And 3!
And 2!

No wonder I can't breathe well. T_T
I knew it was bad, but geez. And it gets HOT here, too. Hello sweltering heat and lack of usable oxygen!
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Funnily enough, mine seems to be the opposite. I was more focused on the gun than not, but I found the gun/regular object more difficult to see when it was a white man holding it, for some reason.

I wonder, though, why are none of these people women? Is the game sexist?
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I think I'd try it... if I could.

I'm not so sure I'd be able to stomach it, but I sure as hell would try.

As for the ethical issues being debated -- my opinion is that it's really just part of the cycle of life. We eat food. Those fish ate living things before they were... ehm... "killed" and fed to us. I will agree that it is slightly barbaric, but not everyone will rip the throat out of a chicken just because they're dying of hunger -- some just like the rush of the kill.

And that, I think is why we do this. Because there is nothing like going back to the way things once were and eating as though not everything has to be perfect to all standards.

I'm sort of beside the point, but, I guess my point is that it's just a different way of eating.
Some people look down on others for killing an animal with their bare hands.
Some people just like the taste of blood.

(for the record, I AM a vegetarian)
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