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this reminds me of the Leyland Mini 1000 in 'Mr Bean', or even more the Messerschmitt KR200 Kabinroller oddity in 'Brazil' -- in fact Brazil won't seem so out there, in 10-15 yrs from now, after every hummer and urban assault vehicle is decomposing on the side of an interstate without oil -- there will be plenty of space for tiny (overpriced) green-energy vehicles, whatever the top speed is.
right now, an electric scooter would be about a tenth of the price, but probably not as zippy or comfortable as (Myers jaundiced excretion).
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I can do a bunch of the things on this list:
raising/lowering either eyebrow; gleeking; tongue to my elbow or my chin; all the tongue-tricks; clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation; sneezing with eyes open; plus a few others: reach around my head with my arm and touch the same ear; touch my pupils with my finger and fold my eyelids without blinking; actually the eyebrow-raising and the gleeking often happens by itself, which can be socially awkward -- if you don't already know how to do them, I'd advise against teaching yourself.
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