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WAIT. HOLD ON A SECOND. There is actually a correlation between how many people are talking about a film and how many people go to a film. And there is no correlation between how much ad space is spent and how many people go to a film. WHAT. OMG. Really. in other words, a film everyone knows about will sell more tickets than one no one knows about.
I would never have guessed.
Sounds like we got ourselves an Ig Nobel Prize winner.
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The smoking ban has nothing to do with treating adults like children. It is driven not by the desire to help smokers. It is driven by the need to protect those around smokers.
Basically "smoke all you want in your home alone just don't force your killer habit onto others".
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It is wonderfully amazing how much emotion this brings up. It shows the power of Freudian / Jungian archetypes still haunting our decisions. How so much is defined by what party / group we decide to be a part of. I think the article was an analysis. Practically all of these responses seemed to be based on personal painful issues. Wow. A match thrown into a dynamite factory.
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God bless ensay for having such high standards for memes.
I say we start a committee to ban as ensay put it, "wrong memes". After all, why should popular vote determine what is popular. Let's leave it to ensay and vonskippy. They will let us know what we should look at.
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Gary B, actually you're wrong. Your information comes from the bio-pic about Bruce Lee that is false. I worked on "Kung Fu". Bruce Lee was developing a TV show called "The Silent Flute" and Warner's decided to adapt a screenplay they had into a TV show. That was Ed's script. Which was "Kung Fu". Bruce Lee was considered for the part but he had nothing to do with the show. I really hope people would stop propagating this lie. Bruce Lee never promoted or supported this show. Nor was it taken from him. He was one of many actors up for the role. Total BS that they went with a caucasian. But Bruce Lee was not a "victim".
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Does this beg the question. After all, do other living creatures necessarily have to reproduce sexually. What if they - like a plant - can have a seedling cut from them that grows into another being. Or what if like the Phoenix they are reborn from their ashes. It seems presumptuous to assume the entire universe is of a male/female construct. Maybe creatures come to be as their super-imposition state collapses upon being seen by a "lover". Basically, "extraterrestrial sexuality" takes a lot of things for granted.
Heck. What is "life" anyway.
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