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So for stealing a nickels worth of flavored corn syrup, our system will jail someone for which taxpayers will shell out $100,000 a year? What a waste all around.
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Sandy, I can only hope you are being sarcastic, since there are truly people who think it's better that a cyclist would be killed by a truck, than the truck guy checking mirrors, and actually looking both ways before rolling through the stop sign. Trust me, I've seen way more trucks and auto drivers not stopping at intersections than I have cyclists. Do you not think the cyclist had a family too? You don't know the cyclist, so don't make idiotic generalizations of that person, or cyclists in general.

BTW - for those of you ignorant, or just ignorant of the law, cyclists actually have the lawful right to occupy the entire lane.
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Just because you don't want to share the road with a bike is no reason to run someone over. The cyclist had every legal right to take up the full lane on the road. Those who blame the cyclist are pathetic.
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Love it. He warned her there would be consequences and followed up on it. Way more effective parenting than "reasoning" or "compromising" with a 15 year old. Have you ever tried to reason with a teenager?
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Drivers' image would probably be helped if so many of them weren't really pretentious @$$es. Most drivers seriously believe that traffic laws don't apply to them and refuse - as a matter of principle - to follow them (speeding, no use of blinkers, running stop signs and stoplights). IMHO, they are there own worst enemy when it comes to their image. How many more people would drive if they didn't feel that they would be identified with that image?

There - fixed it for you.

Face it Bicyclists are not the problem. Seriously, how many pedestrians or car drivers are being killed by inattentive bike riders? I'll even spot you the one already in the article. I'd bet you can't find a 10 in the past 10 years. How many bicyclists, pedestrians, other drivers are killed by other drivers every year? 40,000 - 50,000 in the US alone. So what is more dangerous? Obviously motor vehicles and their pretentious drivers are the real danger to our innocent pedestrian brethren.
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