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Silver is a natural antibiotic, and yes, silver water is pretty amazing stuff - it's only if it's not made properly (or you take an ungodly amount) that it will turn your skin a different color.
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This video was interesting, butI think that the main issue here isn't technology.

I was homeschooled growing up. I wrote my own high school curriculum. I list learning itself as one of my favorite things to do. I love to read, write, and have good discussions. I took a year off to work after "graduating" high school, providing some "real world" experience. Last year, I moved away to attend a small, prestigious, high-ranked liberal arts school. And I hated it. Am I the one with the problem? A small part of my discontent was caused by apathetic students - as someone who actually enjoys learning, I felt like I was in the minority. But the main reason I decided to leave was because I disagree so wholeheartedly with many methods of teaching and conducting classes. I couldn't stand to be a part of something I didn't see as being right. As sadtomato pointed out, our school systems haven't changed with time. What has changed are the ways in which students can put off doing work.

This video shouldn't be another excuse to lament my generation or their use of technology. Technology is only one problem here. Rather, it should be making you ask the question, "what is driving these students to waste so much time and be so apathetic?" What about the other issues that were brought up or hinted at, such as unnecessarily extravagant tuition/book costs, being forced to do too much in a small amount of time, too much class/lecture time and not enough hands on work, bad student/teacher relations at large universities, skimming over subjects without in-depth study, relating learning to life, and being able to find a real job after you graduate? I could go on and on... Why not ask what we can do to start righting the situation?

xopl, I have to say that I don't appreciate your harsh stereotyping of my generation. If that's all you look for in us, that's all you'll get. You can hardly justify saying "all" of us are one way. I've had to fight for many things in my life, including freedom in education. I hardly watch any tv. I don't have a blog. I don't remember the last time I sent a text message. And if I'm guilty of anything, it's using the internet, although I don't think it's a crime to check my e-mail everyday and keep in touch with my friends from out-of-state. I'm twenty, and yes, I am registered to vote. Most of my friends are the same way. I don't mean to make us sound special, I only mean to say that your assumptions, when it comes to us, are wrong. I would appreciate a little respect between generations.
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That was a really wonderful story. They didn't talk too much about his method, except for the bit about discerning colors. It looked like he drew or raised an image first and then painted it in, almost like a paint by number. I'm curious to learn more about it.
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I really liked this a lot, but I wish someone would go back and edit - I picked out lots of little typos and other grammatical errors
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I am absolutely convinced that kids are given unnecessarily heavy workloads in school. I was homeschooled (unschooled to be precise) from a very early age and didn't have any traditional "homework" assigned to me. I went to public school for a brief time during fifth grade to see what it was like and ended up having to drop out halfway because I was so unhappy and had lost the will to learn (one of my favorite things to do in the world). Unfortunately, it's not like it gets any better in college. Classes are still rife with "busy work" and people keep trying to shove more and more into one's workload. The fundamental structure of school doesn't change as you get further up the ladder. My experiences have left me sickened with the state of our educational systems, though I am not against teachers themselves by any means. It's just that the way in which they are used to doing things seems to me to have an incalculable number of problems.
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yeah this isn't a serious cover for anyone who thinks it is... it really highlights how bad of a song it is in the first place! Haha...
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Sounds to me that it's more than likely a medical problem, not a diet/exercise issue. I can't remember what the name of it is now, but there is a rare disease that causes people to rapidly gain weight. Unfortunately, doctors rarely want to believe anyone has it! (But then again, that tends to be the case with many diseases/doctors) I find it very sad that this mother may lose custody of her child when she may not have done anything wrong. That's just screwed up.
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