The Blind Painter

After John Bramblitt lost his vision due to epilepsy, he was angry at everything. Then he remembered how painting calmed his mother, and thought that it would work for him. John had thought about painting before, but he never thought he'd be any good at it - after he lost his sight, he thought "well, if I wasn't any good at it, I wouldn't have to look at it anyways, so might as well give it a try!"

Obviously, John can't see colors - so he has developed a process whereby he paints by touch. The colors feel different to him, white is thick and black is a little runny - so when he needs gray, he mixes the two until the texture is right. Some people told him it was impossible, but one only has to look at one of his paintings to realize how amazing he is.

Here's an inspiring story by the Texas Country Reporter:

Call it crazy, call it courageous, call it a case of blind ambition. For john, it's simple really: epilepsy took away his vision but it didn't change the fact that this aspiring author has stories to tell. Sight or no sight some dreams die hard.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Dan D!

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beautiful. i don't want to take away from his accomplishments, but doesn't it look like he' painting "by number"? where did the raised outlines on his canvas come from?...did he paint them on, or can you order them
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That was a really wonderful story. They didn't talk too much about his method, except for the bit about discerning colors. It looked like he drew or raised an image first and then painted it in, almost like a paint by number. I'm curious to learn more about it.
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"The Blind Painter"

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