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LMAO.....This is exactly the reason I quit going to church. I was making up new lyrics in my head a I went along. During the homily I was planning out next week. If there was an after service function I was praying for an "act of god" to befall the congregation. I finally realized....nope...not for me.
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I put people who complain about the high cost of gas into the same category as people who bought into the whole subprime mortgage market. They did it to themselves. There should be no taxpayer bailouts for subprime borrowers....and no taxpayer bailouts for people who can't afford gas. They need to sell that crapass house in the burbs....pare down their belongings...and rearrange their lives to live within their means.
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Much to the consternation of my partner I've recently quit going to church. When asked why? I simply say, "Codepency with an ephemeral being simply wasn't working for me."
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Oh crap....voices and sounds = brain anomoly?

When I'm sleep...I sometimes hear someone knocking at the door or I hear the doorbell (which I don't have) or someone using a door knocker. I usually get up to go answer the door, peer through the peep hole, only to see no one is there...and no one else in the house has heard anyone knock. It happens when people are here or not. Great....now I need a brain scan.
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An acquaintence of mine...in his late 70's...had his internet service cancelled because he kept getting offers for Viagra. In his own words "I may be nearly 80 but I don't need any damn viagra. You can keep all that internet hoo-ha."

Now when he calls to see what I'm up to...I just say, "Gettin some hoo-ha."
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