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Seriously, though, doesn't anyone remember the past?

Most of us didn't have massive record or tape collections. We listened to the radio for free, and shared bootleg tapes. We bought an album or two every so often, and had modest collections.

And what about now? We listen for free online, we share a few digital bootlegs, and we still pay for an album or two every now and then. Ever heard of iTunes??

Nothing has changed. They just want to convince us it has, because they see every free listen as escaped profit--now more so, because each digital copy costs them practically nothing.
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I think that applies to the phenomena of a person coming in with their personal opinion and thinking it somehow trumps facts.

Take a look at this graph:

Milk prices plummet after the early '70s

This corresponds to the policy shift in the article.

"What is different is peoples’ attitudes towards moderate eating and exercise."

So, what changed their attitudes?

A whole society doesn't change overnight spontaneously. Wars, prosperity, famine, policy decisions, or the like change the environment, and attitudes change in response.
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Hume? Smart guy, good ideas for the time he lived, but 200 years outdated. Even Hume acknowledged the weakness of his ideas on empirical epistemology.

I'm getting bored, so I'm afraid I won't be reading your next post. Feel free to refer to another obsolete philosophy if you like.
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I had to hear it. But if a superior-brained AI came along and said "duh, it's simple" about some linguistic concept I felt special sharing, I guess I would feel bad too.

Sorry if I made you feel bad.
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"The latent point I'm making is that no such thing as absolute metrics objectively exist."
I got that the first time. My response is "Duh" because it would be pretty useless.

I'm sorry you had to read a fancy paper to figure that out.
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I think it's telling that Manhattan is as big as Africa, and the NYC metro area as big as the continental US.

This isn't a map of stereotypes; this is a map of how a NYC-centric person lazily imagines people around the world feels about each other. Except for Africa, which has no feelings about the outside world, apparently.
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Of course the story's bogus. That's not how a big factory works.

Presuming you have a company large enough to invest $8 million bucks to solve a production problem...

...what would really happen is that if empty boxes ended up in a shipping box, or whatever, then the responsibility would be pushed down to the person in charge of the line to think of a solution.

Scales, lights, bells, and stopping the line for an empty toothpaste box is a patently ridiculous solution that would have been vetoed before the person suggesting it could have finished their sentence. Anyone who's worked in a factory
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