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Yeah, it's a cultural thing more than a religious one.
Once it was not just deprecated but totally unacceptable for a woman to have relationships outside her marriage (and somewhere things still go this way). I've heard stories of women being locked in the house the whole day to prevent them to see anyone.
Domestic violence, crimes of passion and maschilism in general are still a big issue in the southern rural Italy, we see a lot of stuff like this on the news.
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Seriously guys, I don't know about english countries accents, but in Italy we don't really use to talk like Super Mario. She may be good and all, but the italian one was ridicolous.
It's like when in movies they give the italian guy role to an actor that thinks he can do the right accent (it happens all the time), he always sounds embarassing to us and I'm almost grateful those kind of movies are dubbed here in Italy.
By the way the video was funny. :)
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