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In the matrix, they combined human batteries with "a form of fusion". Human batteries would end up being a net loss for energy. Not sure if I agree with the space solar panels. Getting to space is a huge achievement, and how do you get the energy back to the surface? Nobody took this into consideration.
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I'm not saying this doesn't exist, but it seems some of these price differences (for products) are purely anecdotal. Without knowing all the factors that play into pricing I don't think you can just say "women's tax". The razors for instance aren't exactly the same. Maybe the women's razor costs more to produce, or that women buy less of that razor compared to men so the price is slightly higher to match supply and demand.
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The first Hotwheels ramp released in 1895. It includes a futuristic hovering horseless carriage from the year 2000. It was not popular upon release because it was too ahead of it's time.

Uncle Venkman, L
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Why shouldn't he be paid? Whether you agree with this cop or not, it's not part of his duty to take on thousands of threats, and having to move, etc. Or should he not get a settlement because you don't like him or you don't like the judgement call they used to use mace?
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Hogwash. I can't see any nation giving up an island for the Olympic games for so many reasons. Nobody would give up land or nobody would agree on one parcel of land, etc. Hypothetically, if an island were to exist, then who would invest an Olympic venue in the middle of nowhere? Which country maintains it? Who reaps the benefits of the venue after the games? Good luck splitting up the work and finances to an area that essentially nobody owns. The United Nations couldn't do it. It doesn't represent the entire world, which would be contrary to what the Olympics is about.
The Olympics bring lasting infrastructure to a city for years and years and buildings find similar uses after the games. Statistically, the Olympics turn a profit. Benefits through tourism and towards society are immeasurable. Countries jostle over an Olympic bid for a reason.
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