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He also did not actually ever conduct the "kite attached to a key in a thunderstorm" experiment, and did not write many of the aphorisms in the Poor Richard's Almanac, but lifted them from other writers of the time, sometimes leaving them as is, sometimes making them more memorable by giving them coarseness or succinctness.

And this is totally unverified, but he attended meetings of a friend's "Hellfire Club," where they participated in orgies.

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Ghost, ghost, I know you live within me
I feel you as you fly
In thunderclouds above the city
Into one that I love

With all that was left within me
Until we tore in two
Now wings and rings and there's so many
Waiting here for you

And she was born in a bottle rocket, 1929
With rings that wringed right around a socket
Right between her spine
All drenched in milk, in holy water
Pouring from the sky
I know that she will live forever
She won't ever die

And she goes
And now she knows that she'll never be afraid
To watch the morning paper blow
Into a hole where no one can escape

And one day in New York City, baby
A girl fell from the sky
From the top of a burning apartment building
Fourteen stories high
And when her spirit left her body
How it split the sun
I know that she will live forever
All goes on and on

And she goes
And now she knows that she'll never be afraid
To watch the moring paper blow
Into a hole where no one can escape
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Actually, the article is talking about dark energy, whatever it is that causes our universe's expansion to accelerate in defiance of any sort of explanation.

Dark matter is whatever causes galaxies to have alot more mass than their observable content suggests. It could be the more extraordinary WIMPs or the baryonic MACHOs.
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It would be awesome to pair that along with the banana guard ( as a gift... Although honestly, I don't remember ever wanting to eat only half a banana.
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Something really rubs me the wrong way with The Art of Manliness' self-branding and its subsequent popularity with Digg. Don't get me wrong, I love most of what its articles have to say, as they contain sound life, practical, and career advice. But the fact is, TAOM applies to anyone who wants to be a level-headed, well-balanced mature adult who lives life to the fullest. To suggest that such concerns are purely the domain of men makes me feel like we've stepped back into a less enlightened time...

And what more, the site's prose often has glimmers of homophobia and a dated appeal to the fantasy of rugged individualism, and often moans about the emasculating nature of today's society, romanticizes war, denies the value of psychiatry and the medical nature of depression, and also brazenly perpetuates the stereotypes and accentuates societal gender differences between the sexes, mistaking them for inborne traits essential to a sexual identity.
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This is absolute and utter BS. Even if this were a double blind study (which I'm assuming it is, or else it's already flawed), in order for the Trained Professional Handshake Raters to get a sample of the interviewees' handshakes, they had to look at them, talk with them, and basically interact with them in addition to getting their handshake.

In a few seconds, people can make a judgement of new teachers that is the same one they make after the end of the semester. With a brief, audio-less videoclip of a person's face, viewers guess-- more than chance-- whether the person is gay or straight. And these Trained Professional Handshake Raters will see if these people are going to have a good interview, and even though, consciously, they rely on their training and its quantitative measures, they're bound to be influenced by their meeting.

And anyways, interviewers look for a good firm handshake ANYWAYS as a way of judging character. People who prepare for their interviews know this and are prepared to give a good handshake. I know that this study only looks at hireability anyways, but if you wanna look at fitness for the job, a handshake tells you nothing. Likewise, some interviewers who believe in mystical-magical color psychology will look favorably on people with red ties, just because they read somewhere that red means confident, and the well-prepared interviewee will take advantage of this.
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"they will be a better person for having made that mistake and learned from it, than perhaps somebody who didn’t make the mistake and didn’t have the opportunity to learn."

This makes me laugh. People who drive aggressively, do drugs, or involve themselves in criminal activity are likely to be people who are reckless, thrill-seeking, and maybe even psychopathic. Sure, feats that get rewarded with medals for valor may sometimes be done by soldiers who carry with them notions of courage, sacrifice, etc, but what if the guy's just irrational, or doesn't fear negative consequences, or craves stimulation?
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My mom, who's korean, prepares garlic that she uses in dishes in advance by first peeling it, then mashing it, then doing something similar to what this article describes. Then when she needs a bit of garlic, she just pops one of the squares in.
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I love the uncle john bathroom reader series, but I now only read it as entertainment. It gives too much credence to conspiracy theories and unchecked bits of false trivia. Nevertheless, I owe much of my trivia knowledge to Uncle John.
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Ha, cool, I was just watching a bunch of Youtube videos of Trot performances (that's the style of music this song is in). I unfortunately don't know who this drummer is.
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