NANA Saver

Here’s a gadget that will keep a half of a banana fresh.
NANA Saver™ Banana Holder Eliminates waste so you can enjoy half now, and half later. Keeps a sliced banana fresher, longer by reducing exposure to air. Hinged banana shaped body with tiny teeth grip sliced bananas firmly in place and flat plate presses snug against banana face to minimize air contact.

Only $2.98. Personally, I just fold the first half of the banana peel over the exposed fruit, although eating only half a banana is a rare thing at my house. dd -via the Presurfer

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Definitely unecessary, leave it and cut off the end when you're ready, or just fold a little square of paper towel over the cut end. Dumbest invention since that jar that cooks pasta. Sucker born every minute, people starving in Africa, don't waste the money.
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It would be awesome to pair that along with the banana guard ( as a gift... Although honestly, I don't remember ever wanting to eat only half a banana.
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This is just what I need for the leftover 'nana half from my peanut butter and banana sandwiches!

... Though usually just putting the other half in a snack size baggie and then slicing off and discarding the 1/8 or less of browned end the next day works just fine, too.
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