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I am a telemarketer. I call you because it is my job to do so. I have bills to pay like everyone else and I am not the sort of person who wants to live off of the government. When you are rude to me my boss takes it out on me. I am kind, polite and respectful to every client I speak with. Many are elderly who seem to enjoy having a conversation even with a stranger. However my bosses do not like it when I am too chatty with a senior and this really ticks me off. You do not have to curse at me or call me names because I am trying to do an honest days work. I wouldn't take a job if I knew someone, anyone were being scammed. As I said before I have rent and bills to pay and since no one will hire me I have no choice but to work as a telemarketer. If a customer treats me rudely my bosses do not care (yes I know neither do you), and I lose pay that I desperately need.
Would it kill you to answer a few questions or is the real reason that you make my job so difficult is because you are trying to make me fail so I can end up homeless? What goes around comes back around again. Have a blessed Christmas...I won't.
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