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you really are a fool.

Watch the LEFT side only -

then tell me what's confusing you?

The song works in the same way - it has a mid-point at which the first half is the same "tra la la" at the same points as the second half - which is how they timed the reverse point.

So you get the girl "walk backwards" for a couple of seconds at the end of the trick and it looks like the trick is amazing -

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If they had this procedure cheap enough when I was a kid going through my growth spurt, I would've done it in a heart beat.

I wish I was at least another 3 inches taller.
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"In fact, he had a physical recently, and passed a full stress-test on his heart back in April. By all accounts he should still be kicking."

What does that say about the LIE his doctors told him just because he HAD to carry on working?
While Y6K's point is taken, your assumption that he was in good health must be looked at with a hint of something suspect, know what I mean?
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I always thought it was funny that Indy ended up Jones (Welshman) than Smith (Englishman).

What does that say, eh?
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That was the WORST narration I have ever heard.
Would've been so much better with subtitles for the names of the cities, so that we could enjoy the beauties in with music, and not have the experience ruined by the depressed suicidal dude's voice.
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She wasn't the only one.

There have been accounts throughout history of people being struck by something so fast it ripped through the body like a bullet.
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They're all Stage Actor-Singers. So may be it wasn't really a "surprise" after all?
She may have been pleasantly entertained, but I wouldn't say that it was a surprise, ya know wot I mean?
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