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Do a search for the people who've had the magnets go bad. BME used to have a rather detailed post about it. But they don't seem to enjoy the negative publicity. The magnets are perhaps one of the dumbest ideas out there. Mind you, I have no issue with modding, but this one is one of the most dangerous out there. Not counting the fact that you can never have an MRI, PET or CAT scan with them in. You cannot go through an airport or any other security check point. You will wipe your credit cards and other magnetic strips by touching them. And it's a blood poison when the casing on the magnet fractures.

But each to their own.
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Allowing a company to set rules for itself is just ridiculous. This is a lot like putting the bankers in charge of banking reform or the communications companies in charge of the FCC. I'm all for centralised healthcare. I lived in NZ for years and it was the easiest and best tax and healthcare system I have ever seen. ObamaCare will help just one demographic: The HealthCare Conglomerate. Bush and Obama have done more to advance a two tiered society than any other administrations since the Roman Empire.
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Illegal as all hell. I think all 19 should file suit. Letting them get away with this sets a precedent that will not be good. Just as pointed out, what if it were a business or block. Hell what if it were a grocery store or concert? Should they barricade a stadium and search all 50k people? This is an immature and ill thought out use of power.
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The only reason he went psycho on Walking Dead was because of the gross errors and poor writing in the script. I've no doubt the continuity issues in the story, bad direction and barely plausible storyline contributed as well. It's more a wonder as to how the entire cast didn't just lose it.
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Yeah you need to fact check before making a statement like that. This has been documented for ages. There are many variations on this fungus that attacks specific types of ants and some other insects as well.
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It would take a lot more effort, but be a far shorter list to name the things in Lucas' Star Wars that is not a ripoff of something else. He's the grandfather of the mashup.
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Actually Margaret Mead was the first who showed that KJ disease (normally hereditary) was transferred to community members in Papua New Guinea when they ate the brain of a person who died from it. This transferred the prions and caused an accelerated form of the disease. It is easily transferred among mammals (mad cow) by feeding rudiments to them. It cannot be stopped by cooking since you would effectively destroy the nutritional value of the food if you cooked it well enough to destroy the protein. Prions do not break down in soil either and can be reintroduced up to decades later. So burying infected animals only serves to later contaminate others.
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I suspect our current methods of dealing with it do not work for several reasons.
1. wide open border with Mexico and a government (USA) that turns a completely blind eye to this

2. there is a demand and a market designed to meet that demand

3. too many people in power (legal and illegal) who are making too much money off the current system

4. no other options are being proffered
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