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Arya is a role model? How many people has she murdered now? I think we're at over 10.

I mean, I love reading about her and she's one of my favorite characters, but she is also a psychopathic assassin.
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"The Merry-go-round Broke Down" was the Looney Tunes theme song, not Merrie Melodies. The most famous Merrie Melodies theme song was "Merrily We Roll Along".
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"Welcome to my shop / let me cut your mop / let me shave your crop!"

Bugs is still what I think of whenever I heard the overture to Barber of Seville.

Nice article! I took my one year old to an outdoor performance of Beethoven's 9th last year; he wasn't quite old enough to appreciate it yet. :)
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Wow, looks like there are a bunch of commenters in that "5 weird things" post who are apparently smarter than the RSC and ready to collect the £1,000. Also enjoyed the "debate" there about homeopathy.

Proof that even on an awesome blog like Neatorama one can't avoid the idiot comments.
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This is excellent. Missing Karl Urban's McCoy from the Abrams movie, though, whose "I'm a doctor, not a physicist" I remember getting big laughs in the theater.
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So he knew what was in his account, knew about the fee, but "forgot". I guess the real lesson here is if you whine enough in public, you can avoid responsibility for your actions.
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I never had one either, the only ones I could get were ones I picked up through cultural osmosis. "Signs point to yes" (from the Seinfeld episode with the fur coat) "Outlook not so good" (a common joke among computer people unhappy with Microsoft's email program) and "Reply hazy try again" (not sure where I picked that one up).
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