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Woofer Speaker System FTW!

Apart from the creepiness of the whole headless hound from hell scenario, does anybody else see the homage to the great old HMV (His Master's Voice) logo.

Originally, HMV made gramophones and the logo featured a pup quzzically listening to "his master's voice" coming out of the speaker.

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While all previous posters have put their different spins on the story (burning car, not burning car, many helpers versus none, usw), it's pretty obvious that we should view the race issue.
Nurse Jackson is a nurse of colour - she is therefore genetically inclined to diss whitey, hate the cops and steal stuff. My, I've heard those black nurses even spit in your meds...
She was shafted because she was convenient and probably thought to be acquiescent when charged.
Good for her for standing up for her rights - eight million bucks (no matter where it comes from) isn't nearly enough.
Those complaining about their 'tax dollars' being 'wasted' on such a 'frivolous' matter should perhaps be having a look at the culture of a Police department which is so fucked up that trumped up charges seem to be a Standrad Operating Procedure - the problem is not that she took them to court, the problem is that the PD NEEDED to be taken to Court in the first place.
Every action the Police take which puts them in disrepute reduces any respect for the law.
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@ Dave

Actually, I have served my country in uniform thanks very much, and met some fine people - I also met some extremely marginally psychotic people who should never be allowed around sharp objects let alone firearms.

Sevice should be tempered with education, not used as a ticket to one.
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And as memorial Day approacheth, so does the Interwebs fill up with teary hypocrisy from alla you Merkins, ready to drop mouthfuls of platitudes about 'heroism', 'sacrifice', 'service', 'honour', 'patriotism' und so weite...

Memorial Day was surely started as a way to remember the carnage and futility and destruction and waste of war, not as a ra-ra pep rally for getting more people killed.
But you'll no doubt dutifully tear up when the President stands in front of a selected bunch of rockjawed uniformed props and mouths his meaningless soundbites once more.

Yes, I appreciate the fact that the USA has historically fought the good fight, but that is no longer the case - the world has moved on a long way from the certainties of the mid C20th, yet it appears that the collective world view of the US establishment has not.

There are better ways of dealing with the issues that conmfront us all than by ramping up the Military Industrial Complex and killing a few hundred thousand brown skinned people for the inconvenience of their living over your oil.

On Memorial Day, make a stand for Peace, not War.
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You have to see this movie, 'The Castle' (( about an Australian family who LIKE living near the airport...

Merkins will probably need to look up the Mabo Declaration to fully understand a central plot point, but that's one the roles of cultural exchange, viz to educate.

And as for this case, s'funny how people's homes can be obliterated by the System Lords, yet when something threatens their 'homes/weekend castles/overpriced underused status symbols' (like a windfarm off the Hamptons) then all heck breaks loose...
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In God we trust"..?

And there was me thinking for all these years that the words on Merkin money were 'In Gold we trust'.

**slaps forehead...**

Another illusion shattered.
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That's a really sweet story.

And Newscaster Guy with your remark about 'Who's uglier? Oscar or Mick Jagger?', the answer is - you, my friend, you are the ugliest one if all...
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@ Ali S -- congratulations on being one of the Last Boy Scouts.

These days, parents are so risk-averse and scared that their precious jewel might come to harm by actually learning something useful that fire making and tent pitching are no longer core elements to the scouting experience.
These days, the lazy turds (ie, those that can be cajoled or bribed with Playstation promises into joining in the first place) earn merit badges in computer technology - very useful if you plan on raising corporate drones, not so useful if you're trying to access when stuck in the Alaskan outback.

Baden Powell must be rotating in his sephulcre at a very high velocity indeed...
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"what the heck are squatters’ rights?" - there's a whole big schlemiel at

Basically, if one can prove extended possession of a (normally vacant or unused) property for a set period of time, then that person is legally entitled to - and awarded - certain rights to that property.

Naturally, this runs counter to the current belief that property is money, which is why the piece linked to opffers up snarky comments about the squatter, though to be fair, there are equally snarky comments levelled at the new 'owner' of the grand house and his nouveau riche plans to tear it down and build a white trash lottery winners wet dream home - such is the nature of 'journalism' at the Daily Mail.

As to the squatters land now being worth £4million - that may well be the 'value', but it's extremely doubtful whether he can capitalise on that and will certainly be unable to sell it for what it's 'worth'...
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Given that much future 'war-fighting' will be outsorced to cybernetic sphere (according to the Pentagon, eyes ever feverishly aglow with the next generation methods of turning the Bad Guys Du Jour into hamburger), perhaps these victim mannequins should be offering up next-gen war-wounds - RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, und so weite
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What a pack of lightweights!
Stretch denim is an abomination.

To use that awful phrase, back in the day, well, back in the day when there was considerably less of me than there is now, my skintight jeans were just that - normal jeans, rendered skintight by artful tailoring, thanks to my tailoress partner of the time (yes, it was the 80's...).

Jeans du jour were inevitably Levi's - later on I discovered ShrinkToFit 501's, which had the instructions to buy them two sizes too big and let them shrink down, advice reserved for pussies basically. I'd buy 'em in my normal size, shrink 'em on in the bath and circulatory problems be damned.

And now..?

Well, I have yet to be a father...
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