Nurse Pulled Cops Out of Burning Car, Got 10 Months in Jail For It

Rachelle Jackson, a trained nurse, pulled two policemen out of their burning squad car ... and rather than being thanked for her heroic effort, she was arrested on charges that she robbed, battered and disarmed a peace officer and jailed for 10 months!

Jackson sued the city and several Chicago police officers, and a federal jury had just awarded her almost $8 million for false arrest, malicious prosecution, coercive questioning, and intentional infliction of emotional distress:

The case began in November 2002, when a car ran a stop sign in Jackson's neighborhood, slamming into the squad car. Jackson was walking nearby and rushed to the scene. When she arrived, the officer behind the wheel was unconscious and the passenger, Officer Kelly Brogan, was dazed.

She pulled Brogan from the wreckage and helped her to a nearby stoop. Soon after, police approached Jackson and told her that the driver's weapon had been stolen. When she was asked to go to the police station for questioning, she thought it was as a witness to the accident.

Instead, Jackson was accused of the theft. She was held for two days with little food and water and was threatened with violence until she agreed to sign a statement police had prepared for her. She was then charged and spent more than 10 months in the Cook County Jail awaiting trial.

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Oh yeah, I'm an asshole for
a) Bringing up that race is ridiculous in this case
b) Saying how she reacted improperly
c) How she SHOULD have reacted, based on her training
d) The article is biased, and everyone seems to LOVE blaming law enforcements these days.

It's not like I'm actually trying to get an objective view here or anything, not at all. By the way, they weren't burning. The car wasn't on fire. How about actually reading before commenting, sound good?
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She should have just let them burn in the car. And this world still has asshole commenter's like the one above me, obviously like the bastard cops in the car.
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Did anyone notice that in the actual article, it was the cop she pulled out that said she got her in a headlock, not a bystander? I find that interesting because, as a nurse, she would know that an action like that would seriously injure someone, especially if they'd been in a car accident. Also, it seems really weird to me that she pulled the conscious cop out of the car, not the passed-out one. Go ahead, sheople, jump on the cop bandwagon. Then rant on about how unjust Rodney King's treatment was (I'm sure most of you commenting don't even know WHY he was beaten, so please, go on!) and how right those people were to riot in LA. Please, tell me how it's awesome that I got evacuated from my home because I'm white, and in LA at that time, white people were the enemy.

She, if she'd been behaving as a nurse (my aunt is one, and actually commented on this- so this isn't BS, just so you know), would have immediately called 911, checked the status of both officers but NOT moved them, and waited for help to arrive. If one of the officers needed assistance getting out, she could help them, but nurses should not and WOULD NOT pull a person out of a car using the head or neck.

Her story seems completely unreal, and I can't believe she got any money, let alone $8 million. Yay for idiots who just like blaming the cops. Talk about a powertrip.
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