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Sorry to anyone who got 100%, but there's one question whose answer is incorrect, or at least not exclusively true: If Joel/Mike & the bots don't enter the theater, the Mads shut off the air on the bridge. But then again, "If you're wondering how they eat or breathe/or other science facts (lalala)/just repeat to yourself, it's just a show/I should really just relax."
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plainswalker75: They were attaches to the Emperor. They're with him when he shows up on the Death Star, and you see them hanging out with him at a couple other points, too.

Erik: I wondered that, too.

Also, it's not the 25th anniversary of STAR WARS; it's the 25th anniversary of RETURN OF THE JEDI.
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In my college town there was supposedly a woman employed at the local Wal*Mart named Marijuana Pepsicola Jackson. The story went that she was named after her parents two favorite things. Her nametag at Wal*Mart read "Mary Jane." I never independently verified this story, but it's too good not to repeat.
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Look, it's technically illegal for employers to require piss tests, but they do all the time and nobody raises too much of a stink because a) those for whom it's an issue are likely to flunk the tests, so best to not attract attention to themselves, and b) those for whom it's not an issue are all too willing to comply. Casual violations of our rights happen all the time, and the assumption of guilt raised by unwillingness to be violated makes it enormously difficult to change anything.
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I have both the Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Jr. machines. My cousins actually installed a volume switch on my Pac-Man machine because of how loud it was; it was driving my mother nuts.
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I can wiggle my ears and nose, arch one eyebrow (my mother can do it too, but my dad and sister can't), roll my tongue and gleek. I can also roll back my eyes until only white shows, which made me very popular in grade school, and crack my jaw like other people crack their knuckles.
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While in a relationship with a Finn about a decade ago, I got turned onto the Leningrad Cowboys; she said they were Suomi's equivalent of U2. I'm not quite sure how to interpret that. But they've made movies, have liquors and beers named after them, and generally are weirdo tastemakers.

And if you think this is odd, their joint cover of "Stairway to Heaven" is fucking EPIC.
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I haven't finished watching the clip yet, but either the anchor or her writers need an education:

"Painful," perhaps; "painstaking," whaaaa?
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