Woman's Miraculous Recovery Stuns Husband & Doctors

One Saturday in May, Ryan Finley tried to wake up his wife Jill but she wouldn't wake up. The 31-year-old woman had gone into cardiac arrest in her sleep and fell into a coma. After she was rushed to the hospital, doctors said she had very little chance of recovery because Jill's brain showed little activity.

Ryan was suddenly faced with a tough decision — whether to take Jill off life support. He prepared to say goodbye to his young wife, but he wasn't prepared for what happened after the plug was pulled.

Source: ABC News
Video: LiveLeak

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Trying to link this Terri Schiavo (sp?) is a great disservice. BTW, this woman in the report was in a coma state, and not PVS. Terri Schiavo had radiological (CT) evidence of a large portion of her brain simply being gone from her brain damage and this case has no such mention.

Trying to compare the cases is like apples to oranges. I am very happy that she has recovered, and I know that other occasionally do. Like the doctor in the piece said... something like for every one of her there are hundreds who don't awaken and live in nursing homes the rest of their lives with no significant recovery.

If there's a reasonable chance that I won't be able to wipe my own ass or read or write or create or communicate when I'm "recovered" from an event such as this, I'd rather have my loved ones err on the side of withdrawing care and letting me die than allowing me to lingering in a state of persistent dysfunction.
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"We don’t hate god. We hate people who make decisions — important, world-affecting decisions — based on their beliefs in god. We hate how wars are waged in gods name. And we hate how we will never ever understand how so many people are so deluded that they care more about an imaginary being than the other people living — and suffering — around them."

I agree! I do hate violence and if I could follow one person (if he were alive today) it would be Ghandi. I do think it's wrong to wage war at all, especially in God's name. It gives the rest of us a bad name who have any belief in another higher power.

God brings change to our lives at times not expected. We grow out of hardships given to us. God doesn't control everything we do or the things that happen to us. But if we are guided, then good things can happen.

Nuff said...done here.
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