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Wait a second, how is there any racism involved? Rap/urban music tends to be popular with the very same young male demographics that commit most drive-by shootings, regardless of their color. When's the last time you heard about a drive-by where the assailants were blasting Perry Como or Cher or Fats Domino or Yoyo Ma?

Race has absolutely nothing to do with it, but the fact that you made that assumption is pretty telling.
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That's great - a perfect example of why I read Neatorama and other blogs instead of watching the news. This is so much happier than anything related to Iraq, Obama, or Paris Hilton.
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Hysterical - and a great reminder that even on vacation, you need to be careful what you do. There's no telling who's taking photographs without your could get back to work the next week and be the laughingstock of your whole office :)
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Call me crazy, but I think they're adorable! If they were just a little larger and furry, I'd want one for a pet. The little guy on the right looks like he'd be really goofy.
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Brent, I agree. I love seeing all the cool furniture and design projects that end up on blogs, but I hate the fact that they're usually not in production - and if they are, they're probably way more than what I'd ever be willing to pay.
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Good for dad. I'm sick of parents that can't be bothered to discipline their kids. If he actually collects on that auction, even better. He'll have a great contribution to the kid's college fund.
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My mom did something similar with a bunch old letters she got in an antique store when we were kids. She located the lady and was promptly cursed at before the lady hung up on her. Oops.
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Having recently been to Evansville, Indiana, I have a much deeper appreciation for this video.

Seriously, though, he was locked out of HIS house. Instead of calling the police department, the obvious solution would be to go down the chimney...?
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I don't see this working in a city like St. Louis. Too much crime, too much winter, and too much distance between everything. Nice to hear that someone's doing it, though.
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