Son's Punishment is Profitable

An unidentified father was proud of himself when he scored a hard-to-find Wii Guitar Hero game, just what his 15-year-old son wanted most for Christmas. When he came home from shopping, he caught his son smoking pot in the backyard with friends. It made the father so angry that he auctioned off the Guitar Hero game on eBay. How much did the $90 game sell for? A cool $9,100!
The naughty son, however, will not go without a present on Christmas.

"I am still considering getting him a game for his Nintendo. Maybe something like Barbie as the Island Princess or Dancing with the Stars ... I know he will just love them," the father said, tongue-in-cheek.

Link -via Fark

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The father sounds like a sociopathic little man. The poor son learned nothing about the potential dangers of drug use, or the moral consequences of disobeying one's elders. Instead, he was taught that love is conditional, and that malicious, vindictive revenge is a parental teaching tool. Oh, he's probably not yet consciously aware of the new lessons he picked up from Daddy Dearest. But just wait until he has a child of his own who errs in some way. I could just see him doing something similarly vindictive, like ripping up his child's school yearbook, or "accidentally" dropping his child's music-player or phone into the bathtub or a pot of water or something.
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Good for dad. I'm sick of parents that can't be bothered to discipline their kids. If he actually collects on that auction, even better. He'll have a great contribution to the kid's college fund.
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"Son's Punishment is Profitable"

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